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Back up QB and WR Paul Ditzig passing the ball in a receiver drill.jpgCoach Kehner talking to the troops.jpgDyaln Ray running 2.JPGDylan Ray Kicking.JPGDylan Ray running.JPGSenior QB Ethan Holicer.jpgSenior WR- Daniel Lankford1.jpgSenior WR- Daniel Lankford2.jpgSenior WR Daniel Lankford running the ball.jpgSteven Kehner.JPGSteven Kehner attempting to catch.JPGSteven Kehner attempting to catch2.jpgSteven Kehner breaking away from Tyler Mantooth.JPGSteven Kehner dashing thru traffic.JPGSteven Kehner making a catch.JPGSteven Kehner making a catch over Paul Ditzig.JPGSteven Kehner running.JPGSteven Kehner running 2.JPG

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