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Beavers Defense.jpgBeavers on the stop on 4th down.jpgDE Matt Johnson sacking the QB Colton Hughes.jpgDylan Ray and Shane Tuggle getting the Bismark WR down.jpgDylan Ray eyeing the endzone.jpgDylan ray getting to the QB Colton Hughes.jpgDylan Ray punting.jpgDylan Ray running.jpgDylan Ray trying to fight off a defender.jpgMatt Johnson getting to the QB.jpgPaul Ditzig2.jpgPaul Ditzig4.jpgPaul Ditzig getting plowed over by a bismark RB.jpgQB Ethan Holicer looking down field.jpgRB Dylan Ray.jpgShane Tuggle.jpgShane Tuggle and Tyler Mantooth on the tackle.jpgSteven Kehner5.jpgSteven Kehner6.jpgSteven Kehner Running1.jpg

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