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Charlie Young and Tyler Mantooth on the tackle.jpgDylan Ray and Steven Kehner celebrate after a Dylan Ray Touchdown.jpgDylan Scroggins attempting to make the catch that was intercepted by Blake Wood from Bauxite.jpgFB Dylan Ray in for the TD for Glen Rose1.jpgFG kicker Chris Minyard attempting a Field Goal that was no good.jpgFS Dustin Moore attempting to slow down the bauxite runner.jpgFS Steven Kehner on the interception for Glen Rose1.jpgJosh Robertson congradulating Paul Ditzig on a reception for a TD.jpgLB Dalton Furman making the ball come out of the Bauxite QB's hands.jpgLB Dylan Ray trying to make the tackle.jpgLB Tyler Mantooth picking up the fumble recovery.jpgLB Tyler Mantooth running with the fumble recovery.jpgQB Ethan Holicer looking down field for Dylan Scroggins, the pass was picked off by Bauxite.jpgRB Steven Kehner putting a move on a bauxite defender.jpgTyler Mantooth celebration after shutting down the Bauxite offense.jpgTyler Mantooth celebration after the defensive stop by the beavers1.jpgTyler Mantooth celebration after the defensive stop by the beavers2.jpgTyler Mantooth celebration after the defensive stop by the beavers3.jpgWR Jonathan Lackey looking the ball vs. Bauxite on 11-5-09.jpgWR Shane Tuggle being tackled after the catch1.jpg

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